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“Juxtapose Images” is a wordpress plugin for juxtaposing two images in your blog or website. You can overlap two images with a slider that creates a beautiful effect to show the before and after of a photograph. Really easy to use. A perfect tool to compare similar pictures, ideal for explaining changes over the time, before and after stories, showcase your photo retouching capabilities, etc..

You can see the effect below.



This plugin started only as a wrapper of the Juxtapose javascript library. I found some sites using this library but all of them where using an iframed version or manually including the library. I thought that creating a wordpress plugin would be a good idea, allowing more people to use this effect.

How to use it

Just install and activate the plugin and use the [ juxtapose ] … [ /juxtapose ] shortcode, including two images of the same size in the content of the shortcode. This is how I see the code of this post, where a juxtapose slider is included.

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words:


As you see, not rocket science if you are used to work with wordpress.

Some Tips

  • Use images with the same width and height.
  • For a better effect, choose photos taken from the same point of view, and try to find visual elements shared between both pics.
  • The plugin expect exactly two images.
  • Any text or css styles applied to the images will be removed, including any extra html

Bugs? Improvements? Have a better idea?

Right now the plugin is very simple. Easy to use and zero configuration. I have some ideas in mind for next versions but I would like to get some feedback from the users before starting extra functionalities that could end not being used.

If you think that something is missing, or that a special feature would be nice, please, leave a comment on this page.

Or if you find that something is broken, maybe an incompatibility with anothere plugin or theme, please leave a comment here or at wordpress plugin support page and I’ll try to fix ASAP.

Download and Install Plugin

Visit the Download plugin page.


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